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The Main Content of Precision Machining

The production process of precision machining refers to the whole process of making products from raw materials (or semi-finished products). Precision machining is technically difficult and has many influencing factors, covering a wide range, high investment, and strong product personality. Its main contents are as follows :

1. Processing mechanism. In addition to the precision of traditional processing methods, non-traditional processing (special processing) methods have developed rapidly. At present, the traditional processing methods mainly include precision cutting of diamond tools, precision grinding of diamond micro-powder grinding wheels, precision high-speed cutting and precision belt grinding. Non-traditional processing methods mainly include high-energy beam processing such as electron beam, ion beam, and laser beam, electric discharge, electrochemical processing, photolithography (etching), etc., and electrolytic grinding, magnetic grinding, and magnetic fluid with composite processing mechanisms have appeared. Compound processing methods such as polishing and ultrasonic honing, and the research of processing mechanism are the theoretical basis of precision and ultra-precision processing and the growth point of new technologies.

2. Material to be processed. The material to be processed by precision machining has strict requirements on chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties, and processing properties. It should have uniform texture, stable performance, and no macro or micro defects on the outside and inside, and the processed materials that meet the performance requirements can get the expected effect of precision machining.

3. Processing equipment and process equipment. Precision machining should have high precision, high rigidity, high stability and automation machine tools, corresponding diamond tools, cubic boron nitride tools, diamond grinding wheels, cubic boron nitride grinding wheels, and corresponding Only high-precision, high-rigidity fixtures and other processing equipment can guarantee the processing quality. Precision machining should first consider precision machining machine tools with corresponding accuracy. Many precision machining usually start from the design and production of ultra-precision machine tools, and must be equipped with the required tools. At present, the general series of precision machining machine tools are small and the batches are not large. The precision machining machine tools are expensive and require special orders. If the existing precision machining machine tools cannot meet the requirements, the process can be used Measures or error compensation to improve machining accuracy.

4. Inspection. Precision machining must have corresponding inspection technology to form an integration of processing and inspection. There are three methods for precision machining inspection: offline inspection, in-position inspection and online inspection. Offline inspection refers to sending the workpiece to the inspection room for inspection after processing. In-place inspection means that the workpiece is not unloaded after processing on the machine tool, and it is inspected on the spot. If any problems are found, it is easy to process again. On-line inspection is to inspect during processing, so as to be able to actively control and implement dynamic error compensation.

The main business of Yihua Precision Machinery are: CNC Machining Service, CNC Machining Automotive Parts, Electronics Parts Machining, Precision Medical Device Machining, Custom CNC Machined Aluminium, CNC Stainless Steel Machining. Please contact us if necessary.
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